Strip-formed Component Design and Manufacture

We produce ferrous and non-ferrous strip-formed components, part assemblies and related high precision tooling for use in electrical, fastener and automotive manufacturing. We have over 20 years of experience in the production of a range of small tolerance components made from stainless steel, spring steel and other metals.

Contact us for a competitive quote to produce superior quality components that comply fully with your specifications and tolerances. We always seek the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs throughout our processes.

Fine Tolerance Manufacture of Electrical Contacts and other Components

We use Bihler automats and Haulick and Kaiser metal presses. Our automated facilities produce parts by means of bending, forming, punching, stamping, tapping, riveting, welding or combinations of these processes. Our tool design and tool making expertise includes press tools, jigs and fixtures, wire cutting and milling.

Click here to view a selection of our electrical contacts and other non-ferrous and ferrous strip-formed components, which include:

  • Circuit breaker contacts, switches, welded contacts, plug pins and connector pins
  • Electrical terminals and connectors
  • Busbars, box terminals, electrical clamps, strip metal springs, rockers, metal clips and spring contacts
  • Fasteners, terminal clamps, box terminals, wire clamps and metal pressing